Thank you for taking the time to click and find out more about me and my blog. Endlessly inspired by people and the world around me, The Look in the Mirror is a blog I created to bring a little bit of outfit inspiration from my everyday collegiate life while I study fashion at THE Ohio State Universty. I highlight my daily outfits and show how I wear current trends with added tips on how to style them yourself. I also write the style blog for my school's chapter of Her Campus, an online collegiate magazine for women.

I get many questions as to why I choose to take my them in the mirror. I don't always have a photographer to take my pictures for me and I wanted to show and inspire real world girls who don’t have that luxury either you can still share your style with the world. I want girls who read my blog to be able to see themselves in the outfits I capture and taking them in the mirror gives them the chance to imagine it's them staring in front of the mirror. Being in college can be a very busy time with extra circulars, friends, being social, and oh yeah a class or two in between. Finding the time to schedule and shoot pictures can be hard and doing them on my own makes for a little less stressed me.

I'm just a college student with no one but the mirror to take my pictures.


Julie Bastulli