Friday, March 21, 2014

Disney Bound

I am headed to Disney World for the weekend so I will be posting when I can! Have a magical day. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Now Trending: Body Harness

Something that I have noticed making an appearance on the fashion scene is the harness. Now when I think of a harness I think of bungie jumping or a roller coaster, not necessarily a fashion choice. I have been seeing this new accessory making waves recently, especially on one of my favorite girl groups, Little Mix.

This girl group based out of the UK has taken the US by storm not only with their powerful music but also their bold fashion choices. I completely adore these girls and am in love with their fashion sense. All of their eclectic personal style combines to make the perfect mixture of edgy, sexy, yet sophisticated style and I love it. Perrie Edwards, pictured above, is the one seen most of the time with a harness but the other girls have dabbled in the trend as well. Now this trend, if done the wrong way, can give off a bondage vibe which is not what we fashionistas want. Pairing this harness with high waisted pants and a fun crop or leotard is a great way to tone down the sex appeal but not completely discount it. They can even be worn over a dress or blouse to add a little bit of edge into your look.

This trend is not for the faint of heart. If you want to wear this, you have to rock it. This is a trend I see staying around for a little while so strap yourself in for the ride. Shop the trend below:

Topshop Love

My least favorite part about college is that I can barely go shopping. Yes there are little vintage stores that I hit up once in a while but no where makes me happier then that lovely department store Nordstrom. And now that they have Topshop inside their stores, my heart aches to be there even more. Now that I have, I got some great essentials for spring from high waist denim to plaid. And how cute are those scalloped shorts? I'm ready for the warmth, if only mother nature would catch up...

Saturday, March 8, 2014

You Can Call Me Queen B

I recently started watching the ever popular series Gossip Girl for the first time and I have been obsessed. The scandal, drama, New York setting, and the fashion are to die for. While watching season 2, I noticed a certain yellow dress that Blair Waldorf wore was very familiar and that was because I wore that exact dress to my junior year homecoming. I guess I was meant to be Blair before I even saw the show. And it just goes to show much Gossip Girl influenced people, designers, and their fashion choices, even if, like me, they didn't even realize it.

Gossip Girl 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Deep V's and LBD's

The red carpet for the Oscars is the most anticipated moment of awards season. Seeing what the A-Listers of hollywood will come out in is the highlight for all of us pajama clad couch potatoes as we live through their fashion choices. This year did not disappoint at all and has been one of my favorites. Read on to see all of my favorite looks from this timeless celebration

Emma Watson: wearing Vera Wang, this girl knows how to rock the red carpet and look her age at the same time. She took the classic LBD and added even more class (if that's even possible). The metallic details through the bodice and the mermaid flair made this black dress very refreshing on the red carpet this year. The simplicity of her makeup as well complimented the ensemble perfectly.

Kate Hudson: wearing Versace, was hands down my favorite look of the evening. A lot of people have been criticizing her look because we have see the cape so many times already like last year with Gwenyth Paltrow and Luptia Nyong'o at the Golden Globes this year. I disagree with all of them. This look for me redefined the whole idea of the cape and dress because the other dresses were more conservative and the deep v on both sides made this a classic sexy that no one else matched.

Lupita Nyong'o: wearing Prada, new comer to the red carpet and Hollywood stunned in this Cinderella-esque number. I loved this dress and it fit her perfectly and was a home run for Prada. Another one in the line of deep v neck lines seen throughout the night, this was not as harsh and seemed more angelic. Her simple gold bracelets and headband gave the dress a greek goddess meets Disney princess and I absolutely fell in love.

Charlize Theron: wearing Dior, looked elegant as ever in this stunning rendition of the LBD. This skin tight fit and flare gave a new definition to the LBD. The dress has so much drama in its simplicity that it was a scene stealer walking down the carpet. My favorite aspect of the dress, besides that neckline and necklace to die for, was the see-through flared fabric. Although not completely see-through, it was just enough without the fabric being too overwhelming which is something that happens a lot with dresses of this kind.

What were your favorite looks of the evening? Do you agree with me or think I'm out of my mind? Let me hear your thoughts on this enchanted evening of red carpet dress.