Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Style Tips | May

May is such a strange month. School ends, its not really summer weather but at the same time it's not really springy either, at least in Ohio it isn't.  I personally can't wait for the weather to make up its mind on whether it wants to be hot or cold. It's the perfect time to pack the sweaters away and replace them with your light and airy styles and even better for spring cleaning. I just did my closet when I got home from school and I can't wait to shopping for some new styles for summer AND my internship! Keep reading for the items I can't wait to get my hands on this month.

My feet, while they love boots, wait all winter for the chance to walk about in flats again. With so many different styles of this shoe, you can't really go wrong. I have been leaning more towards loafer and pointed styles lately but the classic round toe ballet flat never goes out of style.

I recently got some more holes in my ear after about a month of debating over whether or not to do it (check them out here on my Instagram). I love ear piercings and could not be more excited about these. Even though I can't take them out until July, I am already looking for different earring sets and cuffs all over. There is so much you can do with multiple piercings! And who knows, maybe there will be more for me to play with in the future.

And with spring and summer comes freeing your legs of tights and thick socks. Dresses are my go-tos in the summer for multiple occasions because they are so breezy, light, and carefree. I love how many different looks you can give one dress. Add tennies and its casual for a day on the town, add some heels or a wedge and you're ready for date night. Even a jacket can change the look entirely and the possibilities are endless.

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