Monday, February 16, 2015

NYFW | Day 1

After a long weekend of family obligations, I finally am getting to catch up on Fashion Week. I will be trying to post all my recaps from the past few days so I can get back on track with the shows going on the rest of the week. Now without further adieu, here is the recap of my favs from day one! 


Realizing that these arctic winters are here to stay, BCBG tapped into this idea for their fall line. Layers, layers, and more layers were the over all theme of the show with turtlenecks, sweaters, and the popular over the knee boots staying in the spotlight. The colors were all very neutral playing with winter white, greys, camel, and blacks with an overall feel of the laid back bohemian. Not all of the clothes were meant for the harsh winters, there were still some wispy dresses layered with lighter turtlenecks. I loved this collection because they're trying to show that you can layer for warmth and still look fashionable.

Creatures of Comfort

Taking the luxury of a weekend getaway and adding touches of mens and women's styles brought this entire fall line to the runway. Designer Jade Lai envisioned the collection with a Bonnie and Clyde aspect, something you can throw in a suitcase and run out the door with and she achieved that vision perfectly. The airy fabrics and graphic Hawaii top are perfect for a topical getaway while the structured coats are made for a night in the city. 

Jonathan Simkhai

Making a leap from presentation to the runway, Simkhai tapped into the idea of the fearless woman for fall. Mesh, which is no stranger to this designer, was used all throughout the collection cut into body con dresses and pants in soft pinks, blacks, and whites. The collection was sleek and sophisticated with the pieces like a white silk sweatshirt, that is to die for, channeling the sexy, sporty youth. 

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