Monday, September 1, 2014

The Look in the Mirror x BMC Headwear

Like many others, I am a huge lover of beanies. Summer give me the hat blues because while I love wearing baseball hats and snapbacks, I miss my lovely little beanies. But now, thanks to BMC Headwear and their lightweight summer beanies, you can wear them all year round!

Wear them as you run errands after the gym to cover that sweaty hair, or if you're just having a bad hair day and have no other options. They're even perfect for those chilly summer nights around the fire. Just style them how you would during the fall and winter, but with less layers of course!

The brand's summer time beanies are made of a very light cotton yarn and is half the weight of a normal beanie. And this lighter yarn also keeps your head cool while giving you the perfect slouch effect. So if you are like me and need beanies back in your life before fall, check them out and other popular styles, like the baseball hats pictured below, here.

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