Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Style Idol | Ariana Grande

I have always loved Ariana Grande, and now that she has been topping the charts, I have come to love her even more. She has a great confidence about her and doesn't take herself too seriously, which is very inspiring to me. She's a role model for girl power, taking life into your own hands and doing what you want and feel. She's an old soul who would rather be at home watching old movies with her close friends then out at a club, which I totally love. And damn, she can dance in those high heels like none other and makes me want to wear them all the time. Keep reading for my top 5 reasons to love the "Problem" singer.

 1. Like a girl after my own heart, Ariana loves Disney and holds it close to her heart, along with her friends and family. Being the princess of pop, it almost seems too perfect in Disney for her. She recently celebrated her 21st birthday there and brought her family and closest friends along with her. Ariana has such an amazing bond with all of these people and knows they always have her back no matter what happens. These relationships are truly inspiring and it's great to see someone in the spotlight with the same friends keeping them grounded.

2. Lover of all things scary, Ariana has Halloween written all over her. She loves the holiday and wishes it were all year around, which, not gonna lie, I wish was true too. I would love to spend a Halloween with Ariana because she goes big, blood, guts, and all.

3. Her voice (and these numbers are in no specific order if you were wondering). This kind of goes with out saying and doesn't need much of an explanation. If you haven't heard her sing, watch this. She also has the most amazing stage presence and can we talk about her outfits? They're always so cute and simple and don't take away from the performance like some performers costumes do. You can hear all kinds of different music influences, old and new, in her music, and none of her songs have the same feeling. 

4. She is the queen of all things selfie and Instagram. There is no arguing about it, she knows how to work that camera and lighting to look absolutely perfect. 

5. I know I touched on her style a little bit in the past few numbers, but I love it, especially her Chanel obsession because who doesn't have that problem. She really takes hold of casual femininity no matter the ensemble. She loves a skater dress or skirt, jeans and a sweater or cute top, simple in all black, high waists, or as of late, a little more edgy 60s mod inspired. And let's not forget those shoes…they give me serious heel envy. Below are some of my favorite outfits (and hairstyles) of hers.

Love Ari too? Never heard of her until now? Let me know in the comments below!

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